Thursday, 5 November 2009

white aisles

i've not done this before and am not entirely sure where to begin, really. i'm not new to having online diaries, but the concept of 'blogging' - or, at least, the term itself - seems to somehow require more intriguing topics than just a load of waffle about how agitated i get at work every day.

i guess i might as well try to act like an adult.

it's experimental.

i'm political, but not intensely so; i'm not terribly religious, so usually spend what little effort i have debating at religify.
my family is rather normal overall, there aren't really any skeletons in my closet, and i live a pretty swell life.

(...oh, i'm not supposed to come across as boring, am i? whoops.)

i am getting married in a week from saturday, which should provide some entertaining bits (as free-flowing alcohol + special occasion typically does). the hols are also coming up rather quickly, so there may be some fun family fights i can lend some commentary to. ;)

further, i have theories for just about everything; if nothing else, i can always fall back on those.

thanks for reading; if i'm lucky, you just might do it again. ;)

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