Sunday, 8 November 2009


where do the week-ends disappear to all the time? it feels like it's just friday eve, yet already i'm merely hours from starting a new work week.

i've a theory about this: i think time slows whilst one is at work, and i think time passes twice as fast when one has time to actually enjoy doing nothing important.
i'm not sure about sleep yet, though i rarely feel as rested as i should - and i enjoy sleeping, so it probably also fits in the latter, speedier category.

my fiancé, M, and i looked at a few houses today, as we're trying to both do the whole 'we have adult responsibilities', shit-where-did-all-our-money-go? thing. the first of the three surprised the hell out of me and is, dare i say, my dream home.

(in the sense of a home that is actually attainable, practical, and realistic - mostly - for our plane of existence.)

it's a lovely house with an open layout; it's in a nice, quiet neighbourhood; it's priced reasonably well; and it has so many positives (which i'll not bore you with now, just trust me on this).

so of course M is putting on the realist brakes, his attention on completely superfluous and unimportant things like: all of the appliances not included that we'll end up having to purchase (as a house is expensive enough on its own); possibly having to fix the garage roof, as there's a bit of mould growing by the tel antenna; how the hell we'll have the motivation to stain the house every few years (as it's made of cedar), and updating the circuit breaker, which he's not quite sure (yet) how to do.

pffffft, i say; all relatiively minor issues compared to near -perfection!!!- in most other ways.

financially, he's more adult than i.

he's not ruled out the house; however, he wants to view more yet and get a better idea of what's available. i want to be open-minded, but i really am hopeful that we can make this one work; it actually felt like home.

our wedding is in less than a week and i have the feeling that the amount i sleep this week is going to be far less than typical. i haven't got cold feet, i just get excited over even little things and end up working myself into a state over details. i'm trying to remind myself that some thing(s) will probably be a bit wonky but that it's normal. i'm looking forward to it, though, and i never sleep well when i'm so anticipatory.

almost everything is paid off; it feels nice to not have to worry about that anymore, but this means that i spent a rather large sum in a very short period, which always makes me a bit nervous.

i'm a bit new to the concept of saving, so it's disheartening that i managed to accumulate a decent amount (by my poor-arsed standards, anyway) only to have to give it up.

i suppose that's just how life works, though.

time for bed....

Thursday, 5 November 2009

white aisles

i've not done this before and am not entirely sure where to begin, really. i'm not new to having online diaries, but the concept of 'blogging' - or, at least, the term itself - seems to somehow require more intriguing topics than just a load of waffle about how agitated i get at work every day.

i guess i might as well try to act like an adult.

it's experimental.

i'm political, but not intensely so; i'm not terribly religious, so usually spend what little effort i have debating at religify.
my family is rather normal overall, there aren't really any skeletons in my closet, and i live a pretty swell life.

(...oh, i'm not supposed to come across as boring, am i? whoops.)

i am getting married in a week from saturday, which should provide some entertaining bits (as free-flowing alcohol + special occasion typically does). the hols are also coming up rather quickly, so there may be some fun family fights i can lend some commentary to. ;)

further, i have theories for just about everything; if nothing else, i can always fall back on those.

thanks for reading; if i'm lucky, you just might do it again. ;)