Wednesday, 1 September 2010

thinking in rap

a mate brought me eminem's new cd the other day, and i've listened to nothing else since. i'm not a big rap fan, but his work is one of few exceptions.

of course, i'm going to geek out a bit here:
musically speaking, his lyricism has always intrigued me (the meter and word-play), and he's like the ella fitzgerald of rap where diction is concerned. aside from being nice to look at, i think he appeals to both my love of languages and music theory - though modern rap music would seem to me, admittedly, an unlikely source. regardless, even with all the profanity, i just get so into it. it's like an auditory roller coaster.

however, since i've been listening to so much of it, now i find myself thinking in rap-style a lot. when i speak, i have to fight off adding a rhythmic quality to everything; when i think or type, i find myself wanting to rhyme a lot more (or, at least, i notice more often when i say things that do). i thought my subconscious compulsion for mimicking only extended to accents; evidently, i was mistaken.

i've an appointment tomoz at a women's clinic to figure out what in hell is going on with my system; let's hope it's nothing too bad. (a warning: if it is, you'll probably see an entry following this that just says, 'DAMN IT ALL TO HELL.' or something similar.)

now that the huzzy and i are in the house, we're finding all sorts of things to do with it. the huzz [TH] finally set up our surround-sound system; however, it's all a bit obnoxious, visually. the sub-woofer sits awkwardly under the coffee table, not sure what to do with itself, and cords lie tangled behind it haphazardly like a big pile of thick black webs spun by a cognitively-delayed spider-man.

TH would like me to make some sort of table-cover; i'm not all that great at sewing (which means: i can't sew for shiz), but i'd like to give it a shot anyhow. i'd like to perhaps put some prints together or something; once it's actually done (which may be a while, i'm not gunna lie), i'll put some photos up.

it's been awhile since i've done anything terribly artistic; i'll have some free time coming up, however, so i'd like to at least paint something again. i also have loads of ideas for pillow designs & clothing & other things that require sewing, but i'm hoping my best mate lady cassa can help me with that. (=

i'm optimistic. ;)